Protection + Release Aura Mist

Protection + Release Aura Mist

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Made with Florida Water to cleanse negative energies while helping to attract positive energies and abundance. There’s also real stones in EACH bottle to charge your mist. Spray yourself! Spray your rooms! Spray your car! Even spray your wallet! 

3.4oz. spray bottle



Florida water, Obsidian, Amethyst, Red Jasper, Garnet, fragrance


Protection + Release| This intention is specifically crafted to activate your Root & Crown Chakras, which are the prime centers for boundaries, intuition, grounding, and releasing negative thoughts and habits. This intention has a mild floral & woody signature scent and is excellent for nighttime.

How To Use

Spray into air of a room or a car. You can also spray your body, hair, laundry, or furniture from 6 in. away.