Creativity + Gratitude Body Bar

Creativity + Gratitude Body Bar

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This intention of Body Bars is sure to give you the perfect vibe for your bathroom. Issa whole mood when you bathe with this baby because it is a massage bar that is also exfoliating! Complete with yoni-safe soap bases, herbs/flowers, and my signature fragrances, this soap bar will align your body, mind, and spirit!

All body bars are made without sulfates and toxic chemicals. All fragrances used are hypoallergenic.


aloe vera soap, calendula, ginger, horsetail, bentonite clay, fragrance (vegan + gluten-free) 


The aloe vera soap base offers a softening lather that works to help resurface healthy skin. It works alongside the vitamin C & E in the apricot oil to brighten skin and help prevent further oxidative stress from free radicals. The Bentonite clay helps to detox the skin, while balancing pH levels and oil production.

Creativity + Gratitude| 
This intention is specifically crafted to activate your Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras, which are the prime centers for gratitude, creativity, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and intuition. The flowers chosen have been associated with both the throat and solar plexus chakras for ages and also help with exfoliation. This intention has a clean & fresh signature scent and is excellent for morning/daytime bathing. 

How To Use

Create a lather with water and use the pillar side for gentle massaging while cleansing. Flip bar over to the smooth side for normal cleansing.