Body Bar Exfoliation Bags

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Now you can save your Body Bar for a little longer! This 100% ramie pouch is compact and can fit most bar soaps and has a drawstring closure. It allows for gentle exfoliation, while increasing the lather of the soap and giving you a better grip of the soap as it wears down. 

Exfoliation Bags can either be used with a Pine Body Bar Tray or hung by the drawstring!

Size: 5.5" x 3.7"



Ramie is a vegetable fiber that is a part of the nettle family and has been used for centuries as natural cellulose fiber that gets stronger and smoother when wet and with repeated use. It was even used as the fabric of choice to wrap mummies in ancient Egypt! Although it may not be biodegradable, it is considered to be a sustainable, vegan fiber, and it is inherently anti-bacterial. 

How To Use

Widen drawstring opening and slide Body Bar into exfoliation bag. To close, pull drawstring and secure with a knot.